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Cultcha! Cultcha! Cultcha!


I’m very excited to announce that recently I got invited by the Acadiana Center for the Arts to be an ongoing contributor to its blog. My first official post is up, and it’s on the vital role culture and arts play in the South Louisiana. If you’d like to read it, follow this link to the Acadiana Center for the Arts Blog site.




“Alligator” from the “Louisianaesthetic Collection”

The “Louisianaesthetic Collection,” a portfolio of digital collages highlighting the visual wonder and romance of Louisiana’s history, culture, and natural surroundings, is now available for purchase in a printed format. Proceeds from the purchase of prints will go toward funding the travel and other expenses associated with the running of http://www.louisianaesthetic.com, Reggie Michael Rodrigue’s blog exploring the contemporary art scene in Louisiana. Each digital collage is available for print on durable matte, white, acid free cardstock (measurements 8.5″ x 11″), along with other formats, and signed by Reggie Michael Rodrigue with a hand-written statement to accompany the collage. To view the collection, go to http://rmrodrigue.wix.com/art and press the “louisianaesthetic” button above in the main menu. For information about purchasing one or more digital collage prints from the “Louisianaesthetic Collection,” please click on the “shop” button above and then click on the “digital prints” and “purchasing issues” buttons. Thanks for your time and interest!

“The Only Stair That Doesn’t Creak” Hits Oxford American’s Website

It’s Wednesday, and that means that the first article for my Southern Contemporary Art column “The Only Stair That Doesn’t Creak” on the Oxford American Website is up! It’s all about the enduring question of hauntology in Southern art. NOLA artist Hannah Chalew is in this installment. Let me know what you think! There will be a new article for the column out about every two weeks. Check out the rest of the online magazine as well. The site – which focuses on excellent writing about culture from a Southern perspective – has been revamped, and there’s a ton of really stellar writing about more art, along with literature, music, film, food, and fashion! You can follow the link to my article here.