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As the Rooster Crows: The Saga of Lafayette’s Freetown Studios

Read all about Lafayette artist Susan David and the passion she has for her non-profit print shop/multi-media art center, Freetown Studios, in my article “As the Rooster Crows” here in Pelican Bomb, South Louisiana’s premier visual arts journal. Keep on cluckin’ my chickadees!


My new article “As the Rooster Crows: Lafayette’s Freetown Studios” on Pelican Bomb

I just wrote a new article for South Louisiana’s premier arts journal, Pelican Bomb. It’s about Lafayette artist Susan David and her print shop/multimedia arts center, Freetown Studios. Check it out here! 

A Pumpkin Pencil for the Soul – The Video Art of Dave Greber

Dave Greber

installation shot of Rise from Your Grave from the exhibition Interior Deterious at the Front Gallery in New Orleans, LA, 2012.

My latest article for Pelican Bomb, South Louisiana‘s premiere venue for arts journalism and reviews, is up and running on the Pelican Bomb site! The article is a review of the video art of rising New Orleans art star Dave Greber.  His mind-bending video installations have set the bar high for contemporary art, and you should know his name and his work because he’s on his way to a bright and dazzling future! To read the article on the Pelican Bomb site, click here.

Reggie Michael Rodrigue