louisianaesthetic is a blog devoted to contemporary art and culture in South Louisiana.  It aims to not only follow but shape the trajectory of contemporary art in this burgeoning, exciting and iconoclastic region.  Here, viewers will find an abundance of content about contemporary art in Louisiana: news; pics; reviews of exhibitions; videos of art films, performances, and gallery and studio visits; interviews with artists and other culturati, and any other lagniappe deemed noteworthy of a post.

The creator of louisianaesthetic, Reggie Michael Rodrigue, is a fine artist, curator and art critic from Cut Off, LA who lives in Lafayette, LA.  He graduated from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette with a BFA in Fine Art with a concentration in Painting in 2002 and a BS in Psychology in 1996.  He has been a professional artist since 2002 and has participated in 32 exhibitions, including the landmark post-Katrina exhibition “Sustained Winds: Before, During and After” and “Southern Open 2008,” an exhibition juried by art critic Peter Frank of Los Angeles’ “LA Weekly.” Both the exhibitions took place at the Acadiana Center for the Arts.  Rodrigue’s art is in the permanent collection of the Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum and the KRVS Public Radio Station Collection on the campus of the University of Louisiana, Lafayette as well as forty other private collections between Lafayette, New Orleans, New York City and Tallahassee. Rodrigue has curated several exhibitions, most notably “Domains:Parameters:Wanderings” which was the first exhibition to explore contemporary, non-objective abstraction in the history of the Acadiana Center for the Arts.

Beside being the creator and main writer for louisianaesthetic, Rodrigue is also a contributing writer for http://www.pelicanbomb.com and has written three articles for http://www.hyperallergic.com



    • thevisionarypost

      Dear Susan,

      I’m a little gobsmacked! Are you referring to my current review of Lynda Frese’s work at the ACA? If so, thank you for the praise. Of course, you can send it to the NYTimes. It’s always good to hear from readers, but to receive a response such as this is amazing and gratifying! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      Much love and respect,


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