“Les Bons Temps”: A New Digital Exhibition on Pinterest

HERB ROE Fille avec un Poulet

HERB ROE, “Fille avec un Poulet,” painting

“Les Bons Temps” is the first in a series of Pinterest boards curated by myself, Reggie Rodrigue, that will be used as digital galleries for the exhibition of visual art and other cultural artifacts together. The contents of each monthly exhibition will be dependent on one particular concept. “Les bons temps” is French for “the good times,” and one can hear the phrase in everyday conversation or music in Louisiana often. Considering that Mardi Gras takes place in the middle of February, I thought it would be an appropriate concept for this month’s exhibition. It is filled to the brim with artistic and musical goodness from Louisiana and a few other places, and speaks to the “joi de vivre” of life in Louisiana during Mardi Gras and the rest of the year. To check out “Les Bons Temps,” follow the link provided below:


If you like the exhibition, please feel free to share it’s URL with friends as it is open to the public of Pinterest and meant to be shared digitally and pinned.  You can also check out the other boards on my Pinterest site, including one which hosts the “Louisianaesthetic Collection.”



  1. Clare L. Martin

    I am not on Pinterest and I am a bit anxious that I am missing out but also I spend too much time on the Internet already, and i know if I get into it I will really get into it! It is something to consider that you are doing good things there…so maybe!

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